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From The Conversation: Questioning human origins in Africa is a good thing. So what about the claims for Europe?

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a version of the out-of-Africa theory/Chronos, GNU

From paleontologist Julien Benoit:

Two of the three studies done in Europe are based on evidence collected in Greece. The third was conducted in Germany. Two of them claim that their fossil finds could be older than the oldest hominin fossils found in Africa.

One of the Greek studies was based on a toothless jawbone and a few teeth. The authors claim that they represent an 8 million year old hominin; older than Toumaï.

This research has been criticised – by me, among others. As we’ve concluded, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence – and a jawbone plus a few teeth aren’t enough to counteract all the documentary proof of humans’ African origins.

Then came the second study. … The most recent piece of research that seeks to stake Europe’s claim as human ancestors’ birthplace centres on two teeth: a canine and a molar. This find was greeted with some excitement outside expert circles.

But scientists have responded sceptically.

More “paradigm shifters” are bound to appear. But this does not imply that European researchers are trying to steal a march on Africa. All this emerging research is actually something worth getting excited about: it shows that science is on the move, constantly working to test and balance evidence. And that’s for the best. More.

Pos-Darwinista draws attention to Beloit’s refreshing comment, “Several recent pieces of research have questioned this established consensus. They have, either directly or in media articles about the work, suggested that humankind’s evolutionary tree should be re-rooted in Europe. This is the nature of science: a paradigm that cannot be questioned on a regular basis becomes a dogma.”

Unfortunately, in largely tax-funded institutions that are not immediately necessary for our well-being, cemented dogma is often taken for a sign that all is well. So good luck with busting up the crumbling concrete!

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Does the herpes virus show that humans migrated out of Africa? Okay, but FYI, some researchers believe that the human race originated in Asia and got to Africa on naturally occurring rafts of vegetation.

What we do and don’t know about human evolution

In yet another amazing case of convergence, New Zealand has a species resembling a human. Mung
The first true humans were discovered in Canada. Mung
Okay, but FYI, some researchers believe that the human race originated in Asia and got to Africa on naturally occurring rafts of vegetation.
I think this article however doesn't support an Asian origin:
"This find supports an 'Out-of-Africa' theory of modern human origins rather than a multi-regionalism model," she said. "Given its age, fossils in this vicinity could be direct ancestors of the first migrants to Australia. But it is also likely that mainland Southeast Asia was a crossroads leading to multiple migratory paths."
It will be interesting to see how the Out of Africa theory fares. Maybe it will have to be revised or discarded as the Clovis First theory apparently has. daveS

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