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Fun from the Babylon Bee in Twitter jail while Elon Musk tries to buy them and others out

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Does even Elon Musk, world’s richest man, have enough money to make funny funny again?:

Just last month, Issues & Insights reported a poll it conducted with TIPP, the most accurate predictor of the last five presidential elections, regarding people’s feelings about COVID. The survey found 65% of Americans think COVID policy in the United States is “driven by politics,” with only 21% believing it’s “driven by science.”

The poll was scientific, conducted by a respected source and accurately reported.

Google AdSense responded by labeling it “dangerous and derogatory content” and thus stripped its ads from the article. When Issues & Insights appealed, Google stood by its action.

This isn’t the first time Google has attacked Issues & Insights over polls it didn’t like. In March, I&I released a poll showing that 67% of Republicans wanted President Donald Trump on the 2024 ballot while only 37% of Democrats wanted President Joe Biden on the ticket. Google called this “unreliable and harmful.”

Glenn H. Reynolds, “‘Censorship is free speech’ is the establishment’s Orwellian line on Elon Musk’s Twitter crusade” at New York Post (April 4, 2022)

Read the rest if you vote in the States. Meantime, here is some real international funny:


Prodigal son breaks news to dad that he spent most of his inheritance on a gender studies degree.

Doctors are now prescribing Crispy Cremes to kids for fat affirming care.

In general, it tells us how far things have gone that a Christian site is the only one that dares to be funny.

Also, some of us recall, earlier this year, that most people associated the flag of Canada not with the dreadful government but with its dissidents. Look, you really had to be here, standing in a blistering wind on a highway overpass, to understand.

It is nature vs. bureaucracy. Finally, the big news is: The flag of Canada came to be that of the people of Canada, not of its horrible government. And, after an old lady was trampled by police horses, everyone really knows this.

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2 Replies to “Fun from the Babylon Bee in Twitter jail while Elon Musk tries to buy them and others out

  1. 1
    BobRyan says:

    When only 21% believe COVID is science, that shows just how little impact the traditional media of the American people.

  2. 2
    jerry says:


    You probably already know that Glenn Reynolds’s site “instapundit” is a great source for information.

    My wife and I loved the BabylonBee video.

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