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FYI, my recent new media stories at MercatorNet

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FYI, my recent new media stories at MercatorNet

What is the minimum you must pay an iServebot?

So now, returning to the minimum wage controversy, many people sense rightly that they are stuck. They are not computer geniuses but they feel they should make what their parents made when they worked as the old-fashioned blue collar employees whom the robots are replacing. By contrast, the robot neither needs wages nor feels the lack of them. It is a brand new factor in the very industries that provide the foot soldiers for raise-the-minimum-wage campaigns.

Global starvation prophets starving. The rest of us, not so much

Communicating with people with dementia Most late-life confusion problems can be ameliorated or eased in some way, provided they can be correctly identified.

Robotic caregivers are a bad idea (but not just for the obvious reasons) If we look at it from an economic perspective, the pension money a senior spends on assisted living is not wasted. It is recycled back into the economy as someone else’s salary

The biggest problem with rapidly advancing technology is the one no one talks about. And maybe soon won’t be allowed to

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