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Give Credit Where Credit is Due: This Powerful Prediction by Darwin Came True (And We Have it on Film)

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As evolutionists will tell you, it may seem like all the evidence is against evolution, but when you put them all together, and keep on repeating to yourself that evolution is true, then it makes sense. Well here’s one incredible example of just that. As insiders know, there were some, little known, bizarre aspects of the seemingly normal television show Little House on the Prairie. For instance there was the incredible increase in intelligence of the cast. This became particularly obvious by the final season when Michael Landon was teaching the little girls quantum mechanics on an Etch-a Sketch.  Read more

The American Journal of Physics published two articles with phony equations that prove evolution does not violate the second law of thermodynamics. I'v been explaining why the equations are wrong to the Executive Board of the publisher, but no one is taking responsibility for correcting the errors. My correspondence with this group is at http://newevangelist.me/2012/02/23/american-association-of-physics-teachers/ davidmihjn

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