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God particle consistent with standard model of physics after all?

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Over at Not Even WrongPeter Woit notes that two new experimental results for the Higgs boson (the God particle) are consistent with the Standard Model (= Big Bang cosmology):

These show no evidence for a dark matter detection and provide the strongest exclusions yet of conjectural high mass WIMPs such as SUSY is supposed to provide. The Xenon100 results now rule out most of the region where pre-LHC CMSSM SUSY model fits showed a dark matter WIMP was supposed to be (see for instance slide 31 here).

Stay tuned.

And see also “We have need of physics beyond the standard model Two sides to this story seem to be shaping up.

The Standard Model isn't consistent with itself. The decay product ratios are outside the expected values and the error bands for known particles. So I'm not terribly certain what it is for something to be consistent or inconsistent with regards to incoherency. Maus

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