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Why are you still reading Darwin’s pop science press, aka the Chicago Tribune?

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Critics lambasted the stories after it was discovered they were written by writers in the Philippines for 35 cents per piece — people that had never even heard of the Chicago suburbs they were writing about. Another big reason the Trib was so mercilessly mocked is because the stories often carried fake bylines with American names instead of the names of the Filipino writers that really wrote them.

Apparently, quality tanked.

Well, hello, Dolly. What would YOU churn out for 35 cents an article? War and Peace? No, we wouldn’t either.

Remember Uncommon Descent. We are part of the real media today. The new media. No p=pretense at a fake objectivity no one really has.

Also no slave labour. No Darwinism, no trolls.  Just normal free people of all types.

I grew up in Chicago and, not being able to find honest work, took a job with the Government and moved East. I still get back to Chicago every couple years, and I am APPALLED at how terrible the Trib have gotten. Writers are supposed to be overseen by Editors. Crappy articles are a sign of REALLY crappy Editors. The Washington Post at least still employs Editors, who are of course even more Liberal than its Writers. The same is of course true for The Web. Most sites do NOT use Editors, and so the quality of the content and format of the writing devolves ;) entirely upon the Writers. Also, I believe that school teachers stopped teaching spelling and grammar several decades ago. English teachers themselves no longer have any idea what grammar is. mahuna
Luckily, Diogenes, you can go elsewhere once you cancel your subscription. Oh wait ... News
Remember Uncommon Descent. We are part of the real media today. The new media.
UD, the new media... that writes "Mya" in a headline meaning "thousands of years ago", and then in another headline, writing "500 years old", in fact meaning "500 million years old". That's just in one week. And then another post attacking a "Know-Nothing" in the headline, a person identified only as "Mr. Cooper" without telling us who Cooper is. Frankly, Filipinos could write better at 35 cents an article. Yeah, we'll remember Uncommon Descent all right. Diogenes

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