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Growing evidence of giant structures connecting the universe?


A large-scale structure is thought to ”transcend local interactions”:

The Milky Way, the galaxy we live in, is one of hundreds of billions of galaxies strewn across the universe. Their variety is stunning: spirals, ring galaxies shaped like star-studded loops, and ancient galaxies that outshine virtually everything else in the universe.

But despite their differences, and the mind-boggling distances between them, scientists have noticed that some galaxies move together in odd and often unexplained patterns, as if they are connected by a vast unseen force.

Galaxies within a few million light years of each other can gravitationally affect each other in predictable ways, but scientists have observed mysterious patterns between distant galaxies that transcend those local interactions.

Becky Ferreira, “There’s Growing Evidence That the Universe Is Connected by Giant Structures” at VICE

See, for example, Mysterious Coherence in Several-megaparsec Scales between Galaxy Rotation and Neighbor Motion (paywall)

"but scientists have observed mysterious patterns" Boooooorrrr-ring. It's all explained by Cosmological Evolutionary Forces. I'm gonna go watch CNN and see what Climate Changes happened today, because it's cold here now and it was kind of warm, and maybe look at some dry lake bed images and smokestacks. Andrew asauber
All I wanna know is will the role of ET be played by Tim Allen AaronS1978
Mind over matter... ET
I didn’t know he had that capability, ET Becomes more amazing each day Badumcha AaronS1978
Maybe this unexpected motion is a sign of ET. These galaxies spawned incredibly advanced extraterrestrial intelligences so powerful that they can fly whole galaxies around not just starships. Maybe I should pitch the idea to the SyFy Channel. I thought of calling it "Galaxy Quest" but that title has already been taken I understand. Seversky
Wut DerekDiMarco
Maybe quantum entanglement increases as the size increases so it’s strength also increases much like gravity AaronS1978
These findings as well as all the empirical observations taken in max avail context align best with SPIRAL cosmological redshift hypothesis and model where proto-galactic formation was PRIOR to cosmic inflation expansion, thus at one time these galaxies were in very close proximity. Volume II of the YeC Moshe Emes series for Torah and science alignment. Pearlman

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