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Henry Rollins giving ID the finger


Here’s the transcript for the previous posting. It’s comforting to know that popular culture is in such capable hands.

A new Zogby international poll shows that 69% of Americans support public school teachers presenting the theory of evolution as well as theories that are in opposition. If only there were any that didn’t have God somewhere in them.

The theory of evolution proposed by Charles Darwin in his groundbreaking work “Origin of Species” published in 1859 has been championed by scientists ever since. And like evolution itself, the science of it, the gathering evidence and data is a ceaseless pursuit of scientists all over the world. In the theory of evolution there is no talk of God, and no Bibles are used. They’re not looking for higher powers, extra-terrestrials or anything else that could be found in the science fiction section because they are not dealing with fiction.

As more is known and more is shown, Christian fundamentalists see their fingers being pulled off the steering wheel as their oppressive shackles are being more and more seen as fear-based nonsense. And so these awful people who favor abstinence only sex education as does the President of the United States seek yet again to put God into public school classrooms. First, it was the re-write of the Pledge of Allegiance, the addition of “under God” between “one nation” and “indivisible” which they insist sounds great. Actually, it sounds like a badly punched in edit that throws the rhythm of the piece way off and totally removes the power of the statement.

Well, they’re back with the theory of intelligent design. It’s not much of a theory. It’s more of an over-fancified collection of sentiments basically saying that there are lifeforms and functions in them that are so complex only God Almighty could’ve come up with them, and we can just stop wondering and just start praising him.

Now the foundation of intelligent design relies heavily upon an idea called irreducible complexity. The breathtaking stupidity of irreducible complexity is only outweighed by the complete lack of science involved. It is just intellectually lazy and cannot be tested or challenged. You can’t get God to come down to the lab and prove a fucking thing.

Rollins on a rampage

You just have to believe, and science does not operate on faith. Faith is taught in churches. If you can’t prove it in the scientific world, you’ve got no game. These Christian fundamentalist psychotics are so power-mad they will stop at nothing. Willful ignorance, intimidation and suppression of information are their tools. Intelligent design, abstinence only sex-ed! The new Dark Ages are upon us! Hang on folks, this century’s gonna be a rough ride!

[Yes, and it’s about to get rougher. Thanks to tragicmishap and Mats for the transcript. –WmAD]

"Darwinian creation mythology is on its deathbed, and those who have invested their academic careers, their sources of income, and their worldviews in it will fight to the death, rather than admit that they have squandered their lives pursuing a lie." They have squandered their lives pursuing a lie. Have squandered their lives pursuing a lie. Pursuing a lie. You hit the crux so spot-on, GilDodgen, it's still reverberating in my cranium...and felt like it should be said again. Sweet music! Emkay
I am grateful to say that I have never heard of Henry Rollins. Cato the Elder
OTOH, you can do science without tattooed musicians of whom most people haven't heard. But this illustrates that the enemy of ID is not science but atheism. tribune7
We need to keep reminding scientists that you can't do science without faith. You have to believe the laws of physics are going to stay the same. geoffrobinson
Smidlee (@10): "He seems to be very angry. Obviously ID has made his life very uncomfortable." Would someone please remind Rollins: "Darwin made it possible to be an intellectually fulfilled atheist." -- Richard Dawkins (1986) ;-) j
I really think that someone with a backround in media and the means to film, should start producing mini-parodies of all the kooks that rant and rave on the anti-ID shows, it would be hysterical! lucID
Going back to the tyre iron, idnet: A 'tyre iron' is quicker and generally saves the rest of us from the continued fallout while the traditional 'Love' is still working on his thick skin. Some people need tought love, I vote tyre iron love. Yes it appears his left arm does seem to have grown back too. Maybe that's why he believes in evolution?!? Who says there's no such thing as benficial mutations - "Dude my arms just grown back!!!". Unfortunately however the LSD from the 70's seems to have taken it's toll though, and instead of love and peace he's spewing: "@#$^@$^&#%^& Damn fundamentalists Christians!!!!! Q#%@#^@$%^$%^ rant, rave, hiss, hiss $#^@$%&#$%&, They say I'll burn in hell for all my tattoo's !#$^@$#$#^&#%^&#%^ If I had my way I'd burn the lot @#$^%@#$^@$^ Free love is my god $#%**^@$@$%^$%... ID isn't science @#%^@^$%@%I really wouldn't know what science is if it bit me on the ass @$%$@%^ etc, etc, etc. Tyre iron love all the way - DUDE... lucID
He looks kind of scrawny to me. I'll bet he can't bench press more than 225. All joking aside, this obscene and ignorant rant is yet further evidence that ID is winning, and it's winning for a number of reasons. Evidence, logic, contemporary scientific insights (especially in the discipline of information theory), and common human experience contradict the blind-watchmaker thesis at every turn. Darwinian creation mythology is on its deathbed, and those who have invested their academic careers, their sources of income, and their worldviews in it will fight to the death, rather than admit that they have squandered their lives pursuing a lie. GilDodgen
Looks like his left arm has grown back in later days. Gods iPod

I don't know, Dan. Rollins, at least back in the 1980s, struck a pretty imposing figure:

Rollins in his younger days

Do you really think you could take him?

William Dembski
Rollins is hateful, intolerant and ignorant. Also, I could definitely kick his ass. Dan Dan
The Rollins photo reminds me of a quip from Dr. Stephen C. Meyer during his debate with Professor Peter Ward in Seattle. The professor was making a shoveling motion while Meyer was speaking, trying to ridicule Meyer and amuse his Darwinist sympathizers in the audience. Meyers' retort: "That's a gesture, not an argument". russ
I don't know if this has been posted already or not, but here it comes: http://www.tvw.org/MediaPlayer/Archived/WME.cfm?EVNum=2006040103&TYPE=V Watch Peter Ward vs Stephen Meyer's debate. Mats
I don't think he's serious. I think he's just going for the Hugh Hefner Prize. tribune7
He seems to be very angry. Obviously ID has made his life very uncomfortable. Smidlee
Love works better than a tire iron idnet.com.au
Now that tire-iron remark was uncalled for. What he needs is some time with a Freudian therapist. The therapist would explain the Oedipus Complex, and our fearless patient would fly into a trademark rage, quipping "YOU SICK F***! I'LL BASH YOU GOOD!" He would then be a defacto Jungian, and start to ask "Why is this happening now?" At this *crucial* juncture, Billy Graham should appear to him in a vision, and tell him to "chillax, dude" Seeing the error of his ways, Henry Rollins would then go on to become the greatest proponent of ID ever known. A cultural-scientific icon of Arnie proportions. Oh. Henry. There, that's better than some nasty old tire-iron, now isn't it? Collin DuCrâne
ouch! This guy needs to read Epictetus. Thanks for the tipoff, by the way WmAD. What a lovely contribution to the upliftment of the soul it is! tinabrewer
I don't know Rollins but I know one thing: Clowns without a big red nose are boring. Markus Rammerstorfer
This guy is so hideous, if he was the last man on earth, I would wildly support abstinence. I'm proud to be one of those awful people harming children by teaching them self-control and praise of something higher than themselves. Let's hope children of ID proponents will grow up to be less likely to flip people off than rabid Darwinists. kathy
Somebody needs to quiet this guy down with a tire iron, for his own good. mike1962
Like Richard Dawkins, this guy is one of God's great gifts to the ID movement! With enemies like this, who needs friends? GilDodgen
It´s survival of the clueless, my friends. Marcos
The Creator must have wanted lots of different kinds of folks, logical, artistic, musical, athletic, even the blind and the deaf (Exodus 4:11), and those who operate more from emotion and those who operate more from reason. The problem is when the blind lead the blind and elite society loses all sense of the distinction between rationality and irrationality. Rude

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