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Peer review: On scientist suicides over retractions


At Retraction Watch:

The suicide earlier this week of Yoshiki Sasai, one of the scientists who worked on the now-discredited STAP stem cell work, was a startling and sobering reminder to the research community and the public that misconduct can take a heavy human toll – even on people like Sasai, whom by all accounts only had the misfortune of working with a dishonest colleague.

Yes, that’s the trouble. The people hardest hit are not necessarily the people who did bad stuff.

And no one means it to come to this! Look, it isn’t worth suicide. (Anyway, you probably won’t die.)

In ten years, no one will care, including you. So why?

Okay, if we are past that, in a given case:

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John Lennox sums some of it up nicely in this short seven minute video which I often pass onto the people I talk to many of whom are depressed and some are suicidal https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tmP5WfEiOe0 DillyGill
Hope is best understood when you have lost your hope. We all put our hope in something and our faith in something or someone. To have no hope or loose your hope will change your perception. Children are full of hope, it is life experience that takes it from us. Sometimes by getting what we wanted and realizing it is not what we needed or sometimes by being let down or abandoned by the things we have entrusted with our hope or finding they do not work for us anymore. Things of this world just pass away and that is why it is better to have hope in something eternal. The reason Jesus asks us to believe he was who he said he was and to repent is because believing he was who he said he was changes everything, our hope is no longer in this life our hope is in Jesus Christ and that which is to come. It is a powerful thing to experience and yet easy to loose or have taken from you (in my experience) although it can be found again That is why this site is so important. We need people to be arguing against the relentless Godlessness that is infected so much of the media, thinking and teaching in our Western culture. There needs to be hope that the argument from design is solid in order that there be any hope at all of understanding the reality of life that we are presented with. Certainly I am convinced by the arguments from design and it has been fascinating to see how it is not the strength of the argument that matters for the materialist, it is their fundamentalism and utter blindness to the things they accept on faith that keeps the argument going. Thank you to all those that invest the time to do this. DillyGill
Axel, What is hope? Hope in what? Dionisio
Hope is everything. You must always cherish hope. Hope doesn't deceive us. Also, live in the present. Sufficient unto the day... Each day is a new life. Axel
This is deeply sad and heartbreaking. The ultimate permanent solution to all worldly problems is to trust in the eternal promise of our Maker, offered to us in Christ alone. We can turn to Him anytime, wherever we are, regardless of our condition, situation, status, and He will touch our hearts and change us for good. Salvation through faith alone in the One who claimed and proved to be The Way, The Truth and The Life. Only He can fill the emptiness in our souls, only He can pull us up from our broken condition. Only He can withstand any storm we may experience during our relatively brief existence on this earth. The entertainment, material wealth, fame, bells and whistles this world offers don't satisfy our deepest spiritual needs. Examples to confirm this abound all around us all the time. Someday we shall be in Christ's glorious presence forever, no more sorrow, no more pain, singing praises continuously without time limitations. But now we are still here, so let's tell others about His grace. Let's look around us and reach out to those in need. Bottom line: let's heed His commandments: to love Him with all our strengths, and to love our neighbors. Dionisio
NOTICE: The anti-suicide folks aptly say: suicide is a permanent "solution" to a temporary problem, i.e. depression. If you feel tempted to put up death as the answer to your problems or are haunted by thoughts of death, stop, and go find a competent therapist. Inmediatamente! NOW! TODAY! Not, tomorrow. For your own good, that of your family and those who love you -- and yes, there are those who love you, starting with God. No matter what you have done. GET. HELP. NOW. Yes, NOW. KF PS: If anyone you know is talking about suicide or death etc, TAKE IT SERIOUSLY and urge them to get help, now. If necessary, intervene. Act now before you spend a lifetime regretting your failure to take a signal like that seriously. kairosfocus

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