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Here’s the Tip of the Iceberg on Cellular Regulation and it Has Evolutionists Drinking Alone Again


recent study of how phosphate groups regulate proteins uncovered a complex network of interactions. Kinases are proteins that add a phosphate group to a molecule, such as another protein, and phosphatases are proteins that remove the phosphate group. A protein is phosphorylated when a phosphate group is attached to a hydroxyl group in the side chain of a specific and particular amino acid out of the hundreds in the protein. Such phosphorylation controls the protein’s activity, for instance by altering the protein’s shape or attracting another molecule to bind to the protein. Furthermore, the kinase and phosphatase proteins themselves are regulated. It’s just a small bit, as the study helped demonstrate, of the cell’s immensely complex regulation network. Of course this complexity was a surprise to evolutionists who expected the usual “just-add-water” version of biology. As one of the authors explained: “Our studies have revealed an intricate network of proteins within cells that is much more complex than we previously thought.” Or as one writer explained:  Read more


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