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More from the “fed up with Darwin” files

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Were we talking about people fed up with Darwin in various places? Well, this just in, from Britain: In “Charity Commission launches extremism investigation into Leyton Mosque” (The Independent, 07 June 2012), Jerome Taylor reports ,

The Charity Commission has launched an investigation into allegations that one of London’s major mosques has been taken over by extremists after an imam who tried to preach that evolution was compatible with Islam was forced to resign.

The Charity Commission may well have reason to worry about the mosque’s links to terrorism (it’s possible). Maybe the imam should sue for wrongful dismissal.

But the question of whether Islam is compatible with Darwinism is one that government should just stay out of, if it does not wish to replay Canada’s unhappy experience with Section 13 involvement in religion.

Put another way: That isn’t the kind of problem a government can afford to own.

That make me envy the intelligence of those "extremist", but no their tendency to use bombs for their purposes creatoblepas

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