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Hey, more fun from the Babylon Bee…

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Still in Twitter jail, before we go back to our regular work

(It is hard to both work and gather Easter eggs at the same time so… )

Father Of 5-Year-Old Pterodactyl Finds It’s Not Easy To Get Species-Affirming Care In America

Bottom Story of the day!:

Canadians furious over “Don’t Say Eh” bill.

Nothing ever happens in Canada if you don’t count Convoy! If you don’t have to wear a stupid, useless, smelly mask today, thank a Canadian trucker. Chances are, he is rolling up the Alaska Highway and won’t hear you. But never mind.


Here are Woke changes Disney is making to old cartoons.

And — remember that English teacher? — Can you name the Christ figure in each of these Marvel movies?

Imagine a world without the Babylon Bee. Where would we get fake news we can trust? jerry
If the father of the pterodactyl wants to sue, there's already a precedent case: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_v._One_Tyrannosaurus_Bataar_Skeleton polistra

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