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Somebody wonders: Why did Harvard University go after its best black professor?

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Here’s the story:

Fryer was heavily recruited after his time at the University of Chicago, and ultimately accepted a tenure-track position at Harvard. He quickly established himself as a political outlier through his willingness to ask provocative questions and publish the results, even when they challenged liberal pieties. There’s no apparent partisan agenda, only a genuine search for truth…

Last fall, Fryer returned to Harvard. But he’s been stripped of his named professorship, banned from interacting with graduate students, subjected to constant Title IX surveillance, and demoted to teaching undergraduates. All of which makes it hard not to conclude that Harvard is more concerned with protecting the integrity of its ideological codes—and making an example of a successful black scholar who challenged them—than with the future of black America.

Rob Montz, “Why Did Harvard University Go After One of Its Best Black Professors?” at Quillette (April 15, 2022)

Increasingly, academia in these parts is becoming — not an education in the western classics — but an introduction to a social elite. A black guy who asks too many questions would be implying that he was a smart person, not the sort of “victim” the elite need. Thoughts?

News, he seems to have been put under a cloud over a sexual harassment accusation. One wonders if there is due, fair process. And yes, that is tied to one of those first duties Cicero raised so long ago. KF PS, on following up, I see both black and hispanic pupils in schools suffer ostracism once GPA passes a threshold. Not a good sign. kairosfocus
A serious scholar like Fryer really needs to ask what he gains from the "prestige" of academia. He'd have much less hassle, and a much bigger appreciative audience, at a thinktank. Peer review no longer matters. The "virus" proved it, if it wasn't already obvious. Peer reviewed studies that disagree with Lord Fauci are misinformation, no better than non-peer studies. polistra
HIs data on the KKK is extremely interesting. It was exactly like the post-1968 black NGOs. Running under a political flag but really providing money and power for the leaders. I wonder if Jesse Jackson was consciously copying the KKK? Overall it sounds like Fryer simply stepped on too many toes. "Sexual" accusations or "political" accusations in academia are officially acceptable ways of punishing a prof for being disliked. polistra

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