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Home-schooled Christian students as tomorrows science leaders? Jonathan Wells responds


In a post last Sunday, “Will homeschooled Christian students be the science leaders of tomorrow?” we quoted a history prof who noted that such students might be better suited than others to lead in science. Their education focuses more on facts and ideas and less on grievances and self-drama.

Jonathan Wells, author of The Myth of Junk DNA among other books, kindly writes to say,

For the past few years Discovery Institute has held “Intelligent Design Education Days” in Seattle and elsewhere around the country. The conferences include lectures and Q&A on various scientific topics. A large percentage of attendees are home-schooled students or students from private Christian schools. I have consistently found that these two groups are among the brightest and most interested of attendees, and they raise most of the best questions.

Our so-called “public” schools (with some exceptions) are failing at their job.

Here’s more info about the ID Education Days. The next one should be coming up in the spring.

I should note that on the previous article on the subject, I never got a response as to any specific homeschool curriculum that meets the problematic description given by other commenters. johnnyb
From what I understand, home schooled kids get more education time each day. The study I read a couple years ago and don't ask me to point to it said the average home school child has about 2 1/2 hours of instruction a day compared to 1 1/2 in a typical school. The ones I have met were extremely smart and knowledgeable though it is only a few. jerry

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