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Housekeeping note …

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A housekeeping note to start the new year: Our Webmaster Jack Cole kindly alerted me to his philosophy regarding trolls, as in – do not feed the trolls.

Trolls grow and multiply when we feed them, so we don’t do that.

We welcome serious discussion with people who disagree with us, but anyone who wants to diss, cuss, or act out – well, there is doubtless a low-class dive can somewhere in that person’s vicinity that will provide plenty of scope for that kind of thing.

Message to would-be troll: There are worse people out there than you. Better you don’t meet them. No one can be responsible for what happens after that. Smarten up, and meet nice people instead.

Would you disagree that trolls are lost and trying to find their way home and being given improper directions causing great anger sometimes due to unnecessary treatment? Dr. Time
What is the difference between a troll and a lurker? Platonist

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