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How Evolutionists Stole the Histones

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The recent finding that the DNA packaging technology and structure, known as chromatin, is not limited to eukaryotes but is also present in archaea, and so from an evolutionary perspective must have “evolved before archaea and eukaryotes split apart—more than 2 billion years ago,” is merely the latest in a string of misadventures evolutionists have incurred ever since they stole the histones.  Read more

Someone make them give them back. Do you even know what being anti histone means? Mung
But it is not, and was not, true that “virtually all mutations impair histone’s function.” That was not science, it was dogma disguised as science. And since then the dogma has become even more obvious.
ouch Mung
Here is a somewhat related video that shows histones as they are involved in the amazing process of DNA wrapping: DNA - Replication, Wrapping & Mitosis https://vimeo.com/33882804 bornagain77

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