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“Humans still marry Neanderthals?” This is what some people call science


In case you wondered:

But sometimes women marry up (the lady Neandertal bedding H. sapiens), and sometimes women marry down (the “wise one” female falling in love with the Neandertal). Psychologists have terms for this behavior of selecting mates outside one’s own group: “hypergamy” and “hypogamy,” for marrying up or down, respectively, but as with most technical jargon, the scholarly vocab contributes little. The question is, why do women do it?

We needn’t dwell on marrying up—gold digging everyone understands—but marrying down is another matter. What do women see in the dumb but lovable Neandertals they pick today and in the prehistoric mating game 100,000 years ago? This question is especially important now, because women are making the Neandertal choice more now than ever, and the trends are likely to continue into the future. R. Douglas Fields, “Humans Are Still Mating with Neandertals“at Scientific American

May we now blame Neanderthals for our own wrong choices? Wow. 😉

See also: How Neanderthals got the role of The Subhumans The “shock value” of officially scientific concepts of the subhuman was a harbinger of things to come.

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Excellent there’s hope for me yet somebody might actually love me and marry me :) AaronS1978

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