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ID conference in Portugal, October 23, 2017


Here: The event will essentially consist of debates about the Theory of Intelligent Design (TDI) and Evolution Theory highlighting points and counterpoints about its theoretical assumptions, the development of Science and implications for society, promoting the scientific debate between the naturalist worldview and the advances of physics, chemistry and modern biochemistry on the origin of life and the universe. And to know that Intelligent Design is not necessarily opposed to the idea of evolution, evolution can mean several things: change over time, common ancestry, and it may mean that non-directed processes have produced all changes over time. Design is not challenging the idea of change over time, but is challenging the idea that these changes that have occurred over time are the results of purely non-directed processes. More.

Trolls have been heard to insist that shady Brazilians are behind this violation of human rights (according to Council of Europe boffins).

And “human rights” means never having chance to hear the other side. For your own good. If you’re European or think you are or would like to be, trust whatever current official bumf is going down implicitly. With your life! What? Do we hear a… NO???  Hellzapoppin.

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Mainstreaming ID in Denmark

The front page of the given link reads "Teoria do Desing Inteligente" instead of "Teoria do Design Inteligente". That seems like a typo. BTW, don't they have a Portuguese equivalent for the English word 'design'? https://www.gotquestions.org/Portugues/design-inteligente.html Dionisio
Tom Robbins at 1, I'll contact the webmaster. We've had a lot of trouble with Facebook in the last few years. Thanks much for noticing. News
I have been trying to contact someone who could restore putting previews when posting to Facebook - I LOVE this site, and often share stories, but now, when I share, just a small box with uncommon descent and a link to the main site comes up - no previews whatsoever. Makes it very hard to share and get it noticed without a preview with the article title and a graphic.. Tom Robbins

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