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New ID branch at Brazilian University in May



On May 5-6, Discovery-Mackenzie will be inaugurated as a new research group of Mackenzie Presbyterian University, 930 Consolação Street, Higienópolis Campus in São Paulo – Brazil. On the Friday evening of May 5, at 6:00 pm, the Discovery-Mackenzie office will be inaugurated (free entry for subscribers). It will include a library, training room and workshops, reading room and offices. This event will be followed by an inauguration ceremony at 7:30 pm in the auditorium of the American School. At these events, a delegation of renowned fellows from Discovery Institute-USA (DI-USA) will be present, including the president of DI-USA, Steven J. Buri, and three of its top affiliated researchers: Michel Behe, Douglas Axe and Brian Miller.

Biochemist Michel Behe is famous worldwide for his bestseller “Darwin’s Black Box,” a book that sparked a broad discussion of the viability of Darwinian evolution and helped launch modern intelligent design (ID) theory based on recent research from biochemistry. Molecular biologist Douglas Axe is another well-known scientist who supports intelligent design and is author of the bestseller, “Undeniable: How Biology Confirms Our Intuition Life Is Designed.” Axe is Director of Biologic Institute, a research center associated with DI-USA. In his book, Douglas Axe argues that ID, in the light of modern biology, is intuitive to all as well as being confirmed by science. Physicist Brian Miller has a Ph.D. in Physics from Duke University and has delivered many lectures around the world on topics of ID and its implications to the Christian worldview.

Several authorities and directors of the Mackenzie Presbyterian University will participate in the inaugural activities on Friday, as will members of the Brazilian Society of Intelligent Design – TDI BRAZIL. During the inauguration, the plans and objectives of Discovery-Mackenzie and its relevance in the current heated debate between faith and science will be presented. Also during Friday evening, Michael Behe and Douglas Axe will deliver lectures on the evidence of intelligent design in nature.

On Saturday, May 6, an intensive intelligent design training course will be offered for invited people by both DI-USA and Discovery-Mackenzie researchers, with the goal of training teachers and lecturers on the general principles of intelligent design and its viability as an alternative to Darwinian evolution. To register for the DI course on Saturday May 06 please send an email (contato@tdibrasil.com) with your name and email plus a justification as to why you should participate. [English version] More.

French Fries We almost didn’t want to publicize this. We do try to be good neighbours and there is a risk that Darwin trolls might crash your internet service (or Mackenzie’s), aiming to be first to bawl obscenities. Maybe Mackenzie can redirect them to a Complaints Box that opens onto a black hole (dubbed Files locally) …

The folks in São Paulo appear to have been planning this a long time. So they must have some idea how to deal with Pants in Knot, Book Burner, and the all-time F[or]k U champion of biology, among many others.

(Hey, with defenders like them, what could go wrong for Darwinism, intellectually speaking?)

Seriously, now that criticizing Darwinism has become semi-respectable, we wish the Mackenzie ID folk a long and happy relationship with serious researchers.

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