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ID in the official curriculum at the University of Bern

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This just in from a colleague about the internationalizing of ID:

ID is part of an university lecture on the University
of Bern. The lecture is called “Philosophy of Biology”
and organized by Prof. Dr. Gerd Graßhoff.

Look here:


suggested reading (Lesson 8) is an article by the
german evolution-critic and ID-proponent Reinhard
Junker (he has a creationist background) and a paper
by Michael Behe:


Part of the lesson are also ID-critical arguments from
Clare Stevens, etc.

ID is also part of the examination-questions:


Look at question six: It demands from students, that
they understand irreducible complexity.

Question’s eight (and IMHO seven) is pointing toward
the possible connection between ID and the
similarity-pattern of life.

Well, I don’t think, that the lecture is perfect in
relation to ID – BUT: ID is discussed on a university

Admitted: Maybe just because the DarwinianDogmatics
have overlooked this event.

Srdjan I think your example was only ID in a philosophy couse in a school. My point was ID as part of a philosophy course at a University would raise no objections from pro-evolutionary scientists. Never mind, if I made you laugh, that is a bonus :) Xavier
Another commentary from John Lynch at Stranger fruit virtually devoid of hyperbole. Someone pinch me, I must be dreaming. But tell me John, if it's okay to get into specifics about ID at the university, shouldn't it be okay to just acknowledge that ID exists at the high school level? I mean according to you boys the HS biology class is supposed to prepare the student for college. How does banning the mere mention of something you're going to be teaching them about jive with idea of preparing them? Sounds to me like you want it to come as a total surprise with no preparation all all. Non sequitur, John. Big time. Please explain. DaveScot
I admit it ... I teach intelligent design stranger fruit
Xavier, you make me laugh http://www.usatoday.com/news/education/2006-01-17-evolution-education_x.htm Srdjan
S/B "I doubt even the most rabid darwinian would object to the subject matter." Mea culpa :( Xavier
May I humbly suggest a post review facility or spellcheck feature, to assist those of us who can only spot errors after posting ;). S/B "I,/b> doubt even the most rabid darwinian would object to the subject matter." Xavier
As this is a course in "Philosophy of Biology", i doubt even the most rabid darwinian would objet to the subject matter. Xavier
Well, it's still not a science course. J90
This is great news Professor D. It is only a matter of time. Someday, somewhere, a major university will "follow the evidence where it leads". Then the dam will break. I don't know about you, but news like this gives me a small, small sense of the emotions in Mt 23:37. It could've happened at Baylor. It didn't; too bad. Maybe next time. Red Reader

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