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In Canada, a Victory for Freedom Over Fascist Thought Police


Reported here.

That some law group should seek to ban a law society in a christian university etc is just plain wicked. Canada was founded and built on Christian presumptions and society especially amongst the common people. They admit its about homosexuality. That is they are insisting a submission/slavery to the conclusion that homosexuality is morally right and no one can say its morally wrong and act accordingly in society. Its truly a oppression on Christian and mankind in these matters. these lawyers are saying they are the boss and they will rule us. Its a moral and legal matter. AMEN. It is. Yet they are not the moral masters. Nether are Christians. Its a democracy and they must be taught so. None of the Supreme courts business either. Robert Byers
Barry, most Canadians never knew that anyone knew what was happening, outside the country, let alone that they cared. Thanks. All kinds of similar stuff is happening, Don't think we don't fight, but we are stretched thin and the general rule is, stay in your ring, and when the bell sounds, come out of your corner fighting. We have not found a better formula so far. News

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