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Young IDists in Ireland

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Students pushing for intelligent design

I thought it appropriate to post on ID in Ireland given that it’s St. Patricks Day.

Secondary pupils in Northern Ireland are spearheading a campaign to introduce a scientific concept, banned in the United States, into the curriculum.

Students from both secondary schools and some of the province’s most prestigious grammar schools claim that so-called intelligent design will give a “more balanced view of how the world came into being”.

No examinations body offers intelligent design but it is understood to be offered by the small number of the province’s Independent Christian Schools.

Pupils in mainstream schools are, however, compiling a petition which they will forward to education minister Angela Smith, arguing that intelligent design should be offered.

They say the US constitution has no jurisdiction in Northern Ireland, and therefore the minister should consider changing the curriculum to accommodate the concept.

The petition reads: “I agree that intelligent design should be taught as science in schools in Northern Ireland as part of the curriculum from key stage 1 to university level alongside the theory of evolution.”

The group has won political support for its campaign, most notably from the Democratic Unionist Party.

“It’s clear that in our schools the faith of many thousands of pupils is being actively denigrated on a daily basis and that the schools system is being used by education authorities to indoctrinate people against their own religious convictions. This must stop,” Upper Bann MP David Simpson says.

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Joseph, Note that the story refers to Northern Ireland (part of UK), and not the Republic of Ireland. Religion is highly secular there, with most students going to either Protestant (especially Church of Ireland/Anglican and Presbyterian) or Catholic schools, with very few mixed or secular schools. The Democratic Unionist Party has much of the same sort of audience as the conservative Christian branch of the (US) Republican party. Leader of the DUP is the Rev. Dr. Ian Paisley, an old fire-and-brimstone preacher, if you don't know about him. Therefore the interest base in ID in NI is much the same as in the US, and probably doesn't reflect the majority of the population, including nationalist Catholics and the more moderate Unionists. Belated Shona Feile Padraig dhuibh. George
Thanks Sal- That's right, St Patrick wasn't just responsible for green beer (D'oh) The part about this story I liked the best was that Ireland is doing this because some US court said ID wasn't science and couldn't be taught as such. Talk about backlash. Joseph
Be there dragons? If Saint Patrick could post, perhaps he might say something like this: The apostle Paul defines an enemy stronghold as "speculations, ... [a] lofty thing raised up against the knowledge of God" (2 Cor. 10:5) In this light, evolution theory can be viewed as a stronghold of an enemy of the Creator.e Evolution theory has been coined the "devil's gospel" by those who hold this view. This wonderful blog on intelligent design shows us many of the weaknesses of this of dark fortress. This source of this illumination is tiny ray of hope: it does not expressly deny the existence of God. Hence ID is not a snake, but rather, an angel raised up against a dragon. To drive out snakes, one must know their ways. ID is a collection of knowledge to pulldown this stronghold. James 4:7 states, "Submit therefore to God. Resist th devil and he will flee from you". Submission to God is simply an honest and humble approach to ourselves, devoid of pride. Patrick was not sainted for driving out snakes. He was sainted for his humility, before which the snakes of his day fled. The devil is often described as a snake, serpent, and dragon. bigtalktheory
For those of you unware of the legend Joseph referred to: http://www.britannia.com/history/legend/collection/legcol47.html "Legend says at that time the country was oppressed by great serpents and a host of loathsome, poisonous reptiles. Endowed with miraculous power, St. Patrick drove every snake from the land into that unfathomed pool" Salvador scordova
And thus began the driving of the "modern day snakes" (Darwinists) out of N. Ireland... Joseph

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