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Madison ID debates and awards


Here is a weblink to the video coverage of the 6 of 20 colleges represented in the final round of the James Madison Cup debate competition. The debate topic was ID in the public schools: Madison Cup Debate.

Interestingly, most of these youthful debaters wanted to argue for the affirmitive (ID should be taught in public schools), but there were not enough slots, so some pro-IDists were forced to argue the negative. It was my impression the audience was sympathetic to ID, but I’ll let you be the judge.

The winners with #1 listed first:

1. Yale (affirmitive)
2. William and Mary (negative)
3. Richmond (affirmitive)
4. tied Liberty(affirmitive), Notre Dame (negative), Clairmont (negative)


Thank you for posting this video. I was an active participant in speech and debate throughout high school and I strongly believe that this culture is a strong source of indoctrination of materialistic worldviews. With that in mind, I recently judged at James Logan High School in January where the debate topic centered on ID. The fact that ID was the debate topic at least legitimizes its arguments in the debate community. Evidence for both sides are being published on websites such as this: http://www.pfdebate.com/carverfiles/ In the end, I am greatly encouraged to see the ID debate seeping into high schools and universities. mikeho
Hello Salvador, Thank you for posting the link. I watched the whole thing and was very, very encouraged that ID "stands up" to vigorous scrutiny. The strongest arguments AGAINST teaching ID were based on misunderstandings of ID: that it is religion, that it is Creationism, that it is untestable, that it is "rejected" by "most scientists". What this tells me is that as accurate information about ID is dissemintated, the strongest arguments against it simply evaporate. I was particularly impressed by a soldier who stood up and made a statement about Home Schooling his kids and deliberately teaching them about both evolution and ID because he wanted them to have the fullest education he is capable of giving them. His question was really a statement of a parent's view of the very topic of the debate. As a parent, imagining myself sitting there perhaps hearing of these issues for the first time, I could not escape the feeling that I WANT my kids to have the same opportunity as this man's kids to have a full education, to learn of the issues of all sides of the debate and that if my kids are going to a school where no mention of ID is allowed then they are being shortchanged. I don't see how any Darwinist could possibly be encouraged by this video. Red Reader
But kids, You are too stupid to understand. That's what Mrs. Scott says and since Mrs. Scott is one of the authorities in science, you gotta believe her. JS

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