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Interviews with Dembski, Behe, and Gonzalez

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These interviews were originally conducted by Mario A. Lopez, with collaboration from Eduardo Arroyo Pardo for the Pro-ID Spanish website, Ciencia Alternativa.

These also appear in El Manifiesto from Madrid, Spain:


2 Replies to “Interviews with Dembski, Behe, and Gonzalez

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    Gerry Rzeppa says:

    From the inteview with Dr. Dembski:

    CA: Amidst all the animosity and criticisms written about your work, what is your motivation for continuing this ambitious research program?

    WD: The work itself is immensely satisfying and intellectually stimulating. Moreover, I see those who seek to shut it down as intolerant dogmatists who encapsulate a tyranny that I despise.

    An excellent response, consistent with the command we find in Romans 12:9: “Let love be without dissimulation. Abhor that which is evil; cleave to that which is good.”

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    Unlettered and Ordinary says:


    These guys do good science. Clear observable evidence based science a.k.a. “actual science.”

    The research these guys do is truly an oasis of intellect.

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