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The BRITES joins Nature and the The National Academy of Sciences calling for all science organisations to preach the word of evolution by natural selection. MORE

I thought the Brites' article was pretty funny until I read these comments. LOL! An order of magnitude funnier. I'm glad I didn't have to slog through all of the transitional comments that competed for the finite bandwidth in this thread; I understand there were billions of them. angryoldfatman
You may not be dead, but your beak keeps changing size. What's up with that? larrynormanfan
Nor am I. Gloppy Galapagos Finch
I had thought that Peter Schickele was dead. But I looked him up and apparently he's not. larrynormanfan
IDs perspective is we march to the beat of an intelligent drummer. Darwinistas perspective is they march to the confusion of unintelligent noise that appears to be created by an intelligent drummer, but is truly not. They must constantly remind themselves this of this "truth." ;-) A-sharp is really B-flat by accidental collisions and explosions from the beginning of time. Atom for example only appears to put lyric and melody together in blends that cause one to tap their foot with emotional responses. In reality, his music is noise generated by random variations and unguided selection of sounds. It is an accident that I recommended he contact Jon Anderson. Do it Atom :) Get Closer to the Edge. Our ears only hear what we think is designed notational inspirations of intelligence. In truth, the composition of Mahler's Four Seasons is no different from white noise, which is no different from Atom's bop your head with revelatory I Am returning chords of praise or the momentary bleat bleat of the Knights that say Neeeee. I can only imagine that music existed prior to our being and has been infused to our universe by the soul of one Sachmo, King of Jazz and perculator of pearly white smiles when not playing a trumpeters lullaby on the sunny side of the street. I'd suggest you watch the movie, A Song is Born, 1948, with Louis and other jazz greats.... teaching a Professor of music; Danny Kaye about ID jazz. http://www.nndb.com/films/227/000035122/ Despite the above review, the ending has a good beat ;-) Its a wonderful world, ohhh yeah... Michaels7
LOL. AussieD, thank you for that almost-lesson. I almost got it. :-D Mapou
Mapou, once upon a time, an almost-human exhaled, creating an almost-note that was almost-heard by an-almost bird. The almost-bird almost-turned believing it had almost-heard the sound of a cavalier male almost-bird wishing to mate. It came over to be almost caught by the almost-human, but not quite. The almost-human almost learnt from this first experience of almost communicating with a totally different species (though some said that they were almost related to them!) but, unfortunately, did not follow up on this almost incredible act of mimicry. Instead, he invented-the-tissue-over-the-comb and wooed the ladies. Almost. Now, Mapou, have you learnt something vital from this? (Is there a PhD dissertation somewhere in this Galapagos?) AussieID
Hmmm ... a theocratic wedgie. The image is painful! AussieID
Speaking of musical pathology, what are the selection pressures that led to humans spending so much time enjoying and creating music, something that has no survival value? Is music enjoyment in the genes or is it a spiritual phenomenon? Ok, I realize that Darwinists have no answers for these questions but what's the ID perspective on the subject? Mapou
In defense of Finch, the configuration of words and letters in his article is really no less likely than any other arrangement. Apollos
GilDodgen: If it were not for Peter Schickele, USNDH would be a nonentity. Certainly, Galapagos Finch has done nothing to enhance the reputation of that school. Galapagos: We'll see how your convergent evolution argument fares in court. And don't count on getting Judge Jones! William Dembski
William Dembski:
Also, I'm contacting the president of the University of Southern North Dakota at Hoople...
Bill, Did you know that one of the greatest minds in the history of musicology, professor Peter Schickele, chairman of the department of musical pathology, resides at this prestigious university? Are you familiar with his work, especially his groundbreaking research into the life of P.D.Q. Bach? GilDodgen
I’m afraid you have plagiarized my parody of ritualistic denunciations of ID by scientific organizations
Dr. Dembski, Are you not aware of the work of Simon Conway Morris who, pointing to similar results of evolution in geographically separated regions, says that evolution rerun would result in the same results we see today? The genus Agros Agoraphobias, for example, independently evolved in northeast Africa and on the Manchurian peninsula. Likewise, the simultaneous discovery of the Calculus by Leibniz and Newton is simply separate evolutionary lines displaying convergence to the same result. Your work and mine are simply independent manifestations of Conway's inevitable evolutionary convergence. It is not plagiarism. Try taking me to court. If we get Judge Jones, your case is toast. Cordially, Gloppy Finch, Ph.D. DDS Galapagos Finch
Greetings again! Okay, I'll take my foot out of my mouth now... I still thinks it's funny. That is how darwinists think, it's hard to tell what's a joke and what Darwinian Doctrine. That's my story and I sticking to it. Unlettered and Ordinary
Sounds good for starters. Of course, the next step is that the more recalcitrant ID-ers get, the more they must not be allowed to enjoy the science that they pollute. That means coming into their homes and taking away their computers, electric toasters, and, yes, even their loaves of sliced bread. jjcassidy
Finch: Folks, turn on your sarcasm filters and read the article again. LOL. You have to admit that it's not far from the truth, though. I received some vicious correspondence in the last few days, so I'm little edgy. Thanks for the laughs. I needed that. Mapou
Galapagos Finch: I'm afraid you have plagiarized my parody of ritualistic denunciations of ID by scientific organizations (see here). Unless the Board of Governors of the Brites credits me and my parody as the inspiration for your denunciation of ID, I will need to have my attorney take action. Also, I'm contacting the president of the University of Southern North Dakota at Hoople, where I happen to know you teach, to see that you are summarily removed from your position (remember what happened to Ward Churchill!). William Dembski
Now that's funny! Gloppy Galapagos Finch
It's not sarcastic, it's very serious -- and unless you want the book of Guinness being taught as scientific fact in public schools, you would do well not to snicker. Apollos
Folks, turn on your sarcasm filters and read the article again. vrf
Greetings! "Real scientists have neither the time nor inclination to be bothered with evidence of Intelligent Design, nor the stomach to dialog with its vile practitioners." "The BRITES therefore urges all genuine scientists to use all legal means to oppose and overthrow this creationist pseudoscience that, unlike us Darwinists, refuses to listen to all sides of the issue." Wow, this article refutes itself. So Darwinists look at all sides except... anything that exposses them as frauds. Are these people aware that some people of the population have critical minds? This is actually funny. Really this is a very funny rant that reinforces the idea that they just want people to regurgitate the vomit and fecal matter they spoon feed the loyal lemmings of the Darwin Doctrine. Do they really think people are that gulable? Darwin says jump! Darwin says stand on your head! Darwin says don't think! Think critically! Ah ha, Darwin didn't say so, your out a here! Give me a break, what a tool... Don't think for your self, and blindly obey, seem to be the central tenets of the Darwin sciences. And they complain about straw men, when thats all they have, not even noticing that they are the ones that keep setting them up. I can't help but laugh, it's too much. Unlettered and Ordinary
"[ID proponents] obtain ... advanced degrees for the express purpose of injecting themselves into the academic and scientific communities like heroin into the veins of an innocent virgin." My God, are those guys serious or are they just preaching to their own flock? Are the leaders of the ID movement truly aware of the viciousness and resolve of the enemy? Mapou

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