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Is dark matter the Fermi balls forged in the Big Bang?

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Another day, another dark matter theory:

The mysterious matter may have come from quantum bags that got squished together in the early universe.

Dark matter — the mysterious substance that exerts gravity but doesn’t interact with light — might be made of tiny black holes permeating the universe. And according to a new theory, those black holes might have been made from Fermi balls, or quantum “bags” of subatomic particles known as fermions that got smooshed together in dense pockets during the universe’s infancy.

The theory could explain why dark matter came to dominate the universe.

“We find that in some cases, the Fermi balls are so dense that the fermions are too close to each other, triggering the collapse of a Fermi ball [in]to a black hole,” Ke-Pan Xie, a researcher at the Center for Theoretical Physics at Seoul National University in South Korea, told Live Science.

Paul Sutter, “Is dark matter made of ‘Fermi balls’ forged in the Big Bang?” at Space.com (September 2, 2021)

Unless we are on the wrong track altogether. We shall see.

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My idea is let's go back to the drawing board and recalculate from the ground up Pretty sure we missed something which is why we keep coming to these terrible adhoc god of gaps theories AaronS1978
Seversky, demanding a better explanation is neither scientific nor common sense. It is a variety of the Skunk’s Retreat. Give it up, it doesn’t work here. If an idea carries obvious flaws, that’s it. You leapt in without reading the article. Basically, Black holes form when stars collapse. Stars first, then black holes. To make this idea work needs a new fermion, like protons and electrons - one never observed. Nutcases have used this idea of itty bitty black holes around to explain some mysterious things like maybe there is time travel. But the point is you don’t attack criticism of an idea by asking for a better one. Belfast
Fine, you have a better idea, let's hear it. Seversky
If he said this in a store, or shouted it on the street, he'd be hauled away and Haldol'd immediately, after being charged with a racial hate crime. Because he has a PhD, he can get a Nobel for spewing schizophrenic wordsalad. It's all about who you are. Caste is EVERYTHING. polistra

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