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Is “social justice” destroying objectivity in science?

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It’s a sensitive topic:

It is impossible to overstate how fierce and sweeping the attack on meritocracy is: every mainstream institution is either furiously revising its standards or finds itself in the crosshairs for failing to do so. STEM professional organizations decry traditional means of testing knowledge. Diverse students should be able to get credit for participation in a group project or for putting together a presentation for their family and friends on a scientific concept, say these STEM professionals. Faculty hiring criteria are also under pressure. A decade or so ago, the demand was to give credit toward tenure for editing an anthology. Substitutes for scholarship have only gotten more creative. At Bucknell University, a minority faculty member suggested that participating in an expletive-filled faculty list-serve discussion denouncing Amy Wax, an embattled University of Pennsylvania law professor, should count toward the “intellectual labor” of minority faculty and be included in the faculty merit review.

Heather MacDonald, “How social justice is destroying objectivity, excellence, due process, science — and much more (speech)” at The College Fix

The hard sciences and math will test the thesis; these disciplines can’t do without the qualities so hated by activists.

Prediction: The Darwinists will knuckle to the post-facts, post-objectivity rampage, leaving the non-Darwinists to defend science. This is your monkey brain on survival of the fittest: They will persecute Darwinians who speak out.

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Fateddious It isn't China that brought us to this point, since the problems started before they came to any global power. This is something that's been happening since the Soviet Union used marketing and slogans to bring about Communism on a global scale. Red Scare, McCarthyism, and a whole host of others came directly from Moscow. Professors and students at universities embraced the greatest social experiment in the history of the world, which was another lie that originated out of Moscow. China does have some responsibility today, but nothing compared to what the Soviets started long ago. By the time Vietnam cam around, much of the press, everything from newspapers to television, was parroting talking points from Moscow. When interviews were conducted about the Vietnamese desire for us to be there, they never interviewed any of the Vietnamese that did want us there. It was always Americans who had a clear fondness for what was happening in North Vietnam at the time. Reporters who were embedded had their reports altered so completely as to make it impossible to recognize. It was not about reporting the truth to the American people, since that would have guarantee sympathy towards staying in Vietnam and fighting. BobRyan
This is just a conspiracy funded by Communist China to undermine Western entrepreneurship and productivity, so that they can rise to the top. Somehow my tongue is only partly in my cheek when I type that. Hmmm... Fasteddious

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