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Is social media creating a “spiral of silence”? Polarizing our society?

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Further to Barry Arrington’s Fair Question, from O’Leary (for News’) blog at MercatorNet, here:

I’ve been a blogger for about a decade now. In my experience, here is a key difference between the Internet and conventional social life: People who would simply be dropped from social groups by implicit general consent can persist as angry, sometimes obscene, threatening, or defamatory, voices at blogs and Web sites until a moderator singlehandedly makes a decision to removes their privileges and posts.

Most people would rather not say anything than be that person’s target, so they remain silent. Thus, the Internet gives the impression of much fiercer polarization than, say, a neighbourhood discussion group would.

Thus, I don’t think the Internet polarizes society. It highlights polarities. … More.

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    Axel says:

    In that regard, i.e. highlighting the respective positions, it can also be beneficial, can’t it?

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