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Is Star Trek’s Prime Directive keeping us from spotting aliens?


Okay, it’s Saturday night. The Prime Directive is, don’t interfere in the evolution of alien societies, even if you have good intentions. So are they making it hard for us to spot them?

If extraterrestrials were really obeying a Prime Directive in not messing with us humans as we develop (or not), surely there would be some exceptions. And if they are not omnipotent, there would be some goofs as well—accidental disclosures that are apparent to everyone …

Assuming the aliens exist, perhaps it’s just as well, on the whole, if they do want to leave us alone. They could want to “fix” us instead…

But what if their ideas sound intolerable and they have invincible weapons? When the intolerable is paired with the invincible… we’d miss the Prime Directive when it was gone.

News, “Are the Aliens We Never Find Obeying Star Trek’s Prime Directive? ” at Mind Matters News

Don’t miss Uncyclopedia’s take on the agreeable and surely harmless nonsense.

See also: Big money powers the hunt for alien intelligence. Okay, billionaires can spend their money as they like; that’s part of being a billionaire. But now, question: If they still don’t find anything out there, can any conclusions be drawn?

@ Sev If any of the alien captains are anything like James T Kirk half the woman on this planet are already pregnant with his kids AaronS1978
If the alien captains are anything like James T Kirk, a Prime Directive isn't going to make much difference. Seversky
It's predictable. The facile and unjustified ignoring of 70 years of UFO sightings of (amongst other somethings) physical vehicles exhibiting very advanced technology light years beyond ours. The premise of the article is invalid from the start. doubter
But according to the last article we aren’t supposed to speculate on the behaviors of extra terrestrial beings we wouldn’t honestly know I hate how hypocritical these people are Again if they are even capable of making it to us technologically we are bugs to them I don’t think we would matter Second of all their technology is so specific that it blinds us from all life in the universe but it doesn’t stop us from looking at all the planets but somehow if there’s a ship of some other extra terrestrial life we wouldn’t find it out in the universe because of the amazing cloaking technology that only seems to hide all other extra terrestrial ships, civilization, and life in general Furthermore they are actually intervening with our evolution by avoiding us and blocking our ability to know that they are there So they’re violating their own prime directive what is knowing that they are there would actually help our survival What if they don’t want us to know that they are there because they don’t want us to prepare for them I mean it’s all speculation, but so is saying that they’re following a star trek prime directive, I think that’s simply just wishful thinking For all we know our first alien visitors will be just like from starship troopers, the Zerg, or my favorite the Tyranids All hyper intelligent super evolved beings that would harvest our biomass to further their own AaronS1978

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