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Why natural selection is always true


In “Why aren’t we smarter already? Evolutionary Limits On Cognition” (ScienceDaily, Dec. 7, 2011), we learn those limits, plus this snippet on European Jews:

Even increasing general intelligence can cause problems. Hills and Hertwig cite a study of Ashkenazi Jews, who have an average IQ much higher than the general European population. This is apparently because of evolutionary selection for intelligence in the last 2,000 years.

Is it? How do we know? Because the authors assume that all intelligence effects are attributed to natural selection. Which ends the discussion.

Amazing amount of Darwin candy in one story.

First they are scoring mankind on innate intelligence after all. If it was Anglo saxon Protestants or men or whites there would be a charge of racism and a punishment. Second intelligence does run in people groups but the group is the people. Not segregated groups within a population. Thats cheating on the tests. One mus separate the groups, as it were on different islands, and then test results. Just like in north america. If one brings a backward people to North america and they are raised up intellectually then is it the score of the immigrant , 50 years later, or just a typical North American score/ The latter of coarse. I find always that they do these race testings after one race has been brought to another race home. In short they are not scoring results but scoring results after corruption of the raw material. All people intelligent scores are the same as individual ones. Motivation upon information within reach. In short a REd Indian or Black African or Jew should be as sharp as a North Englishman if born and bred amongst such people and not born and bred amongst their own people alone. Nothing to do with biology but absolutely to do with intellectual identity which is exactly what it is. They are all English now. if they stay segregated in heart and actions there can be a difference relative to the host people but still results rule. These foreigners all were quite primitive until assimiluation . its this way with all mankind. All babies are intellectually equal but ten or twent years old are not. Identity is everything because everything is learned. The results of mankinds intelligence are settled and no new studies can displace the winners. Yet lets stop these careless studies from interfering with the North american belief in the equality of man from our creator. They can't screw up on these matters . They matter. Do they know what CONTROLLED TEST means.! Try harder. again if we said it about us.. you know the drill and prison time. Robert Byers

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