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Is this the best snake mimic caterpillar to date?

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Andreas Kay/Published on Mar 28, 2016

Snake-mimic caterpillar, Hemeroplanes triptolemus, Sphingidae from the Amazon rainforest near Puyo, Ecuador. When disturbed this larva of a sphinx moth expands and exposes the underside of the first body segments, mimicking a snake head with black eyes and even light reflections. Sometimes it also strikes like a snake to deter predators such as lizards or birds. Photos at

How exactly would that evolve? Wouldn’t structuralism (pre-existing patterns) make better sense than Darwinism (it somehow evolved by trial and error)?

Anyhow, with your coffee!!

Hat tip: Philip Cunningham, who also tips us off to the hummingbird moth:


Published on Aug 9, 2016

A slow motion video of a Hummingbird Moth feeding on various flowers.A difficult video to make as these moths are very fast and hard to follow and keep in frame.This video was made with a Canon G16 using the slow motion setting for video.


It doesn’t take long to be amazed by wildlife, in fact all one needs to do is simply to look closely. Many species have evolved to mimic other species as a survival mechanism and in the case of the Hummingbird Moth that is a truly an amazing thought. The wings of the humming bird moth are incredible and they hover just like the hummingbirds that give them their names sake. They are also a great example of why avoiding pesticides is so very important. Insects are the main staple of the food web for so many other species and also are amazing when we admire them with an open heart and open mind. …

And here’s a fun one: Metalmark Moth mimicking its jumping spider predator (talk about enterprise!)

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Orchids with monkey faces:

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One Reply to “Is this the best snake mimic caterpillar to date?

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    martin_r says:

    Snake Mimic Caterpillar 🙂

    what is so strange ?

    that caterpillar tried hard, and by trial and error evolved the following:
    same colors … same head shape … same skin texture … to mimic a snake.

    There are like 10 millions of possible colors, countless number of possible shapes and skin textures.

    What is even more difficult, the evolved-color has to match with the particular body / head part.
    In other words, you need to have the right color on the right place – by trial and error.

    So, who believes in miracles ? An atheist, a biologist, a romantic has to believe in miracles.

    Obviously, another series of miracles happened when you look at stick insects or leaf insects.×800.jpg


    ATHEISTS DO !!!!

    see more miracles, visit my STUFF HAPPENS blog at

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