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Is World Magazine what Christianity Today was supposed to be?


Steno tells us that Jay Richards’ (ed) God and Evolution won World Magazine’s Book of the Year (American), as did Norman Nevin’s (ed) Should Christians Embrace Evolution (British).

Don’t miss Marvin Olasky’s thoughtful discussion of why these two books deserved to lead. First, because

Think about the three main intellectual influencers of the 20th century: Karl Marx, Sigmund Freud, and Charles Darwin. Two of the three—Freud and Marx—have lost most of their influence. The exception is Darwin. Two years ago his millions of fans celebrated the bicentennial of his birth, which was also the 150th anniversary of his famous book On the Origins of Species.He highlights the role of the Templeton Foundation in fronting Christian Darwinism, which most Christians actually do not and cannot accept.

Or, as I like to say, “Your church would make a nice little block of condos, but why are you giving it money in the mean time? Shouldn’t you be buying shares?”

But then why close? Well, Rev. Michael “Thank God for Evolution!” Dowd admits that his kind of church is dying and envies serious churches’ numbers.* So his is not the way, clearly.

The recent debacle over at Christianity Today when they tried fronting Christian Darwinism as the Next Big Thing should tell us something.** Christianity Today seems to have assumed that there is no scientifically viable position on human origins that does not require dumping our historic distinctives as Christians.

It’s not too soon to ask: Is World Magazine the new Christianity Today? The successor4? Someone must represent (Protestant) Christians to the world as they really are. Some time. Soon. Not jsut tell them how they have to change to be like atheists, etc.

And Olasky’s right: Origins issues are critical in helping people decide who they think they really are.

*Dowd, dream on. It’s not the dweebs who run those churches. They couldn’t get dogs out to a dog fight. Back Office does all the heavy lifting. And Back Office doesn’t like people who come along and say, “You can’t do that! Not just like that! It’s unGodly.” 😉

** (and it didn’t even turn out well for golden kid BioLogos, at least in the short term)

Truth in advertising: I have a chapter in God and Evolution on the wonderful older Catholic writers who hated Darwinism and sent it up every chance they got.


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