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Jerry Coyne doesn’t like Science Uprising


It’s true. Darwinian evolutionary biologist Jerry Coyne is not a fan of Science Uprising:

The Discovery Institute has put out a series of videos that, they claim, will do in atheism—and presumably lead us to Intelligent Design and then to Jesus. I hate to give publicity to a bunch of superstitious yahoos, but will put up one sample of what they consider to be a convincing attack on atheism. First, though, the blurbs about these videos.

Jerry Coyne, “Discovery Institute puts out video purporting to refute materialiam and atheism” at Why Evolution Is True

C’mon, Jerry. People are probably reading you in part because you write about them. Cuts all ways.

Luckily, the films were not made to please him. Whew!

Whie we’re here, David Klinghoffer explains the masks in the film, in case you wondered:

Scanning down through the comments section under his [Jerry Coyne’s] post, I noticed a puzzled remark from one reader, “And what is it with that ugly Guy Fawkes mask with the ape nose?” Now perhaps that does deserve a reply. Others have also wondered. The mask is a reference to the 2005 film V for Vendetta, inspired in turn by the historical English rebel Guy Fawkes, and a comic by David Lloyd, who is right when he says it has become “an icon of popular culture,” “a common brand and a convenient placard to use in protest against tyranny.” The ape is of course a reference to evolutionary schemes that insist on human beings as no more than clever apes.

David Klinghoffer, “What’s Up with the Science Uprising Mask?” at Evolution News and Science Today

Jerry really deplores neurosurgeon Michael Egnor so don’t miss his appearances here:


If Jerry made his own film, what would it be called? Science Down thudding? 😉

See also: Science Uprising: Stop Ignoring Evidence for the Existence of the Human Mind! Materialism enables irrational ideas about ourselves to compete with rational ones on an equal basis. It won’t work
If materialism were true, we would probably already have found the consciousness gene and the wobbly free will knob in the brain. Instead, we are left with the infamously Hard Problem of Consciousness and bizarre materialist attempts to make it Go Away.

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I thought the series was very good. The masks were a creative risk. To me it said "V for Vendetta" and a hipster icon. I guess it's a Seattle/West Coast thing and try to give a youth-appeal. It probably worked well for that crowd. I would agree with anyone who said that no creative work ever again should be directed at a boomer audience. That day is long past culturally now. But I saw a good number of Vendetta fans complaining. I'm glad people are watching and talking (not about the mask) - that's the important thing. It's a beautifully produced series with a powerful message.Silver Asiatic
July 4, 2019
08:38 PM

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