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Michael Egnor takes on buzzwords about “neural networks”


The ones that supposedly explain the mind:

As I have pointed out repeatedly, and most recently in the short film series Science Uprising, materialist explanations fail to account for many of the most important results in modern neuroscience. Careful examination of a spectrum of the most important experiments in cognitive neuroscience over the past century strongly supports a dualist understanding of the relationship between the mind and the brain. Materialism is an impoverished framework that is antithetical to modern science and particularly to modern neuroscience.

People who are committed to materialist ideology fall back to predictable responses when their ideology is challenged. A common fallback is the one used by commenter Faizai Ali at the website Peaceful Science in response to a recent post on some of my comments in the Science Uprising series.

In reply to my observation that the results of many of the most important experiments in modern neuroscience are most consistent with the dualist, and not the materialist, understanding of the mind, commenter Ali, who describes himself as an “anti-creation psychiatrist”, sniffs:

“Rubbish” …

Michael Egnor, “Can buzzwords about “neural networks” save materialist neuroscience?” at Mind Matters News

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