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Jonathan Wells on the boy who knew he was a boy

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It started as a routine circumcision at a hospital in Manitoba, a province of Canada:

Ordinarily, a pediatrician skilled in circumcision would have done the job. But no pediatrician was available that day. So an unskilled general practitioner performed the surgery with a cautery needle made hot by an electric current. But the needle got too hot. As a result, Bruce’s entire penis was burned off. (Brian was spared circumcision, and his condition later resolved itself without surgery.)

Specialists were unable to offer the distraught parents any hope. Then, in February 1967, they went to see John Money in Baltimore. He advised them to have Bruce fully castrated and raise him as a girl. Money assured them that the child’s gender was still unformed. If they consistently treated him as a girl, “she” would grow up to be happy in that role.

The Reimers returned home, stopped cutting Bruce’s hair, and renamed him “Brenda.” A few months later they returned with the child to Johns Hopkins, where Bruce’s testicles were surgically removed on July 3. The surgeon then refashioned the skin of his scrotum to resemble the labia of an infant girl. The child was 22 months old…

(This material is based on John Colapinto’s well-researched biography, As Nature Made Him: The Boy Who Was Raised as a Girl.)

Jonathan Wells, “Money, Sex, and Gender” at Evolution News and Science Today

And that kid always knew who and what he really was.

I won’t kid you, the story ends tragically (1965–2004) but it is nonetheless a testimony to the human spirit. Especially when finally, finally, he turns on his social engineers—even though he was doomed.

I knew this story from way back when, in Canada, but it had largely disappeared from view, due likely to discomfort with the topic. Accolades to Jonathan Wells for bringing the tragic story back to light.

There are lots of would-be social engineers out there, maybe more now than then.

Here’s the book: As Nature Made Him: The Boy Who Was Raised as a Girl

See also: Is It a Boy or a Girl?

Like this could not be a bigger piece for genetic determinism than I’ve seen Even both boys committed suicide within two years of one another that could be because of the fact that they were sexually abused by this Doctor who is a monster Or the twins and it was pre-destined for them to commit suicide And the clothes we were I guess are genetically determined as well This is sadly tragic but it is also sadly tragic for the point being made AaronS1978
OK there’s no way there’s a gene for standing and peeing because you’re a guy I sit when I go to the bathroom, and so do many others. the kid habitually stood to pee! I don’t believe that, I don’t believe that for one second! Especially, the moment the child would realize that they wouldn’t be able to control where the stream went, they would very likely sit I didn’t have this urge to stand and pee. my parents had to force me to use the urinals which I hated I am definitely calling shenanigans on this AaronS1978
Doesn’t this lend Creedence to Transgender knowing who they are and also level of genetic Determinism here AaronS1978
Hopefully they were able to sue the hospital and get rich off of that tragedy. ET
The worst part of this story is the doctors, not the parents. There are always parents who want to do awful things. Doctors are supposed to say NO instead of carefully crafting the awful things. polistra

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