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Last Days to Submit Abstract for Engineering and Metaphysics Conference


The Engineering and Metaphysics conference is fast approaching, and abstracts are due this weekend! If you plan on submitting an abstract, but need more time, send an email to submissions@eandm2012.com .

We’ve already got several presentations approved, and we have several fantastic ones in the pipeline, including subjects such as constructal theory, theological implications of engineering, engineering approaches to pain and suffering, and others.

The conference is in Oklahoma, and we have presenters coming in from across the nation – from as far east as Washington, D.C. and as far West as California. This will be a great conference – I hope you can come! A few of the presenters are even authors on UD.

Anyway, whether you are interested in submitting an abstract for presenting at the conference, or you want to come and learn how engineering is affected by the nature of nature (as well as what it tells us about the nature of nature), the engineering and metaphysics conference will be a great time of learning, sharing, and fellowship.

NOTE – this conference isn’t limited to any particular perspective. Materialism, for instance, is a metaphysical perspective too, and, if it is valid, will have practical consequences for engineers.

Conference Website

We are continuing to get more abstract submissions! We might even have to split the conference into multiple tracks. If you have ideas, now is the time to speak up! johnnyb

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