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Least promising book advert of the year: Overcoming subhuman behavior with Christ

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One hopes it’s the least promising, anyway. A publicist offered O’Leary for News a copy of two books on this theme.

Somehow, I don’t think I’ll bite.

Are you a Christian? Non-Christian? Either way, never mind.

In any tradition that would invoke “Christ,” there should be no room for the concept of “subhuman behaviour” if we are meant to take the term seriously, instead of a mere term of abuse.

There is good and evil human behaviour. If you are human, you are on the other side of a great gulf from subhuman behaviour and there is no spanning it, though some do try.

Want to see subhuman behaviour? Watch a wellfed house cat delightedly tormenting a mouse. Guilty? Nah. That’s subhuman behaviour.

If you did it for fun, that’s evil.

Christians, who are always inclined to evil, think they need a saviour. The cat is not capable of evil and does not need a saviour.

The same universe cannot hold Christ, if you agree that he exists, and “subhuman behaviour,” which argues for an entirely different human psychology than the Christian account.

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    Barb says:

    If you’re a Christian, you recognize the need for a savior because you are sinful in nature. Not evil, just sinful. Imperfect.

    But if the other article is correct and Swaab’s research shows that “We Are Our Brains” and there’s no free will at all, we can’t overcome any sinful behavior patterns. Because we’ve been pre-programmed by our brains to behave sinfully, imperfectly.

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