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“Let’s see them rip up Dr. Neto’s science papers… “

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A reader, who quite possibly watches too much TV, was struck by these sentences in ENST’s reports on the meltdown among Brazil’s science courtiers when a talented scientist who is sympathetic to ID was appointed to a position assessing higher ed outfits: “A respected university scientist in the field of electrical engineering, Dr. Neto has more than 100 publications to his name. He also has an exceptional record as a leader in higher education in Brazil, the fifth most populous nation on Earth. ”

Anyway, a usually gentle reader writes to say, “If these flappers had any real courage of conviction, they would print sets of every one of the papers and proceed to tear them in half at press conferences, AAAS and Royal Society meetings, on BioLogos videos, etc. Come on Bill Nye! Richard Dawkins! Jerry Coyne! There must be grants for that sort of thing. Templeton? The bar for truth-telling in the public square has been dramatically raised this week.”

Presumably, he is referring to this incident. Pelosi practised her rip, apparently.

But for all those people to practise with 100 academic science papers? Just think of the envirowaste… Maybe it’s better for the environment if they just seethe inwardly. From their point of view, Benedito Neto should never have been allowed to publish papers anyway. Expect them to keep trying to get him and anyone like him.

See also: Evolution News and Science Today’s take on the Brazil flap You know, of course, that Brazil is suddenly drowning in ignorance and superstition now that an ID sympathizer has been appointed to head up a higher ed program assessing U standards.

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    bornagain77 says:

    Here are some more papers for them to rip up:


    Evolutionary Informatics Lab – Main Publications

    Dr. John Sanford – Links to Selected Papers

    Bio-Complexity Publication Archive

    Biological Information
    New Perspectives
    Proceedings of the Symposium – July 2013

    Dr. David L. Abel (The Gene Emergence Project) – list of published papers

    And let’s not forget the many distinguished scientists at “The Third Way”, and elsewhere, who, despite shunning ID, have none-the-less found Darwinian explanations to be grossly inadequate

    The Third Way – List of Scientists who think Darwinism is inadequate

    But Darwinism is universally accepted among “real” scientists! – December 30, 2016
    Excerpt: A friend started making a list of books that doubt all or most of modern Darwinism, neo-Darwinism, the slightly elastic Extended Synthesis, and came up with a three-tiered, hardly exhaustive, shelf:
    St. George Mivart, On the Genesis of Species (1871)
    Charles Hodge, What Is Darwinism (1874)
    Samuel Butler, Evolution, Old and New (1879)
    Henri Bergson, Creative Evolution (1907/tr. 1911)
    Svante Arrhenius Worlds in the Making (1908)
    Richard Goldschmidt, The Material Basis of Evolution (1940)
    Jacques Barzun, Darwin, Marx, Wagner: Critique of a Heritage (1941)
    Lecomte du Nouy, Human Destiny (1947)
    Gertrude Himmelfarb, Darwin and the Darwinian Revolution (1959)
    Norman Macbeth, Darwin Retried (Delta, 1971)
    Pierre Paul Grassé: “L´evolution du vivant” (1973)
    Gordon Rattray Taylor, The Great Evolution Mystery (Harper, 1983)
    L. Cohen, Darwin Was Wrong: A Study in Probabilities (1984)
    Michael Denton, Evolution: A Theory in Crisis (1985)
    Soren Lovtrup Darwinism: The Refutation of a Myth (1987)
    Rupert Sheldrake, The Presence of the Past: The Memory of Nature (1988)
    R. F. Baum, Doctors of Modernity: Darwin, Marx & Freud (1988)
    Robert Wesson, Beyond Natural Selection, MIT (1991)
    Dorothy Kurth Boberg, Evolution and Reason – Beyond Darwin (1993)
    Remy Chauvin: “Le darwinism où le fin d´un mythe” (1997)
    Lynn Margulis, Symbiotic Life: A New Look at Evolution (1998)
    Stuart Newman and Gerd Muller (eds.), Origination of Organismal Form” (2002)
    David Stove, Darwinian Fairytales (2006)
    Etienne Gilson, From Aristotle to Darwin & Back Again : A Journey in Final Causality, Species and Evolution (2009)
    Jerry Fodor and Massimo Piattelli-Palmarini, What Darwin God Wrong (2010)
    Gerd Muller and Massimo Pigliucci, Evolution: the Extended Synthesis” (2010)
    George McGhee, Convergent Evolution: Limited Forms Most Beautiful, MIT (2011)
    Thomas Nagel, Mind & Cosmos (2012)
    A Lima-de-Faria, Evolution without Selection: Form and Function by Autoevolution (2013)
    Michael Denton, Evolution: A Theory in Crisis (2015 [updated from 1985])
    Suzan Mazur’s:
    The Altenberg 16: An Exposé of the Evolution Industry (2009)
    Paradigm Shifters (2015) and
    Public Evolution Summit (2016).

    Stephen L. Talbott’s Home Page – Biology Worthy of Life

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    buffalo says:

    Electrical engineers well understand design and feedback systems. It does not happen by chance. Noise is present and degradation as well as signal loss happen over time, aka devolution.

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    Silver Asiatic says:

    Highly recommended: Michael Behe’s “Darwin Devolves”

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