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Major Neanderthal cave discovery at Gibraltar


It’s a 13-metre roof chamber that has been sealed off for at least 40,000 years. Neanderthals are believed to have lived there for 100,000 years:

Located in steep limestone cliffs on the eastern side of the Rock of Gibraltar, the four caves in the Gorham’s Cave Complex have been found to contain extensive archaeological and palaeontological deposits that provide evidence of Neanderthal occupation.

The roof chamber was found at the very back of Vanguard Cave, where a project has been under way since 2012 to find out if the cave had passages and chambers that were plugged by later sediment, Gibraltar National Museum said…

So far, no burial site has been found in the caves, and Finlayson speculated that digging down from the chamber at the apex of the cave could lead to side chambers and perhaps even a site where the Neanderthals placed their dead.

Michael Daly, “Sealed off for 40,000 years: Neanderthal cave discovery in Gibraltar” at Stuff (September 29, 2021 [New Zealand time])

No vid yet. Here’s an earlier discovery in the same area:

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