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Making epigenetics (non-Darwinian evolution) instead of genetics destiny


It had to happen: Someone making epigenetics stand in for the selfish gene, an all-purpose gene-splain:

If epigenetic research utilizing these new technologies will successfully shed some light in disease prevention, diagnosis, and therapy, then the research can expand to study epigenetics related to human behavior and moods. Aggression, violence, adultery, sexual preferences, risk-taking, happiness, depression, and even spirituality may all be affected by gene regulation, including epigenetics, via mechanisms not yet precisely defined. There also is much evidence that diet, sleep, fasting, exercise, and stress regulate gene expression but here, too, the way they do it needs to be explored.

Incorporating these new epigenetic technologies when examining the multiple biological factors that regulate gene expression will better illuminate whether or how environmental factors and lifestyles can modify what we classically believed was our DNA destiny. John D. Loike, “The New Frontiers of Epigenetics” at The Scientist

So now we will have an epi-genesplain? Um, …

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Actual epigenetics, not your destiny:

Epigenetics: Roundworm study focuses on health effects transmitted through sperm

Nicotine effects persist through several generations of mice, via sperm Researcher: “Not much had been known about the effects of paternal smoking on their children and grandchildren. Our study shows that paternal nicotine exposure can be deleterious for the offspring in multiple generations.”

Epigenetics is involved in strengthening memory

Anthropologist John Hawks is cool toward epigenetics shedding light on evolution. Responses like this from a usually level-headed thinker mainly demonstrate that epigenetics is likely to upset quite a few applecarts.

Peter Ward: Epigenetics explains why there are fewer “species” than we think


Epigenetic change: Lamarck, wake up, you’re wanted in the conference room!

No News this is hypothetical EPIc genesplaining. Now with this new form of genesplaining you can splain any behavior anytime with or with out a marker AaronS1978
Just a point of clarification. Since Darwin did not know of the existence of DNA or the mechanism of inheritance, any source of heritable variation would be considered Darwinian. Including epigenetic. In fact, he had not ruled out Lamarcian style inheritance. Ed George

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