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Mammoth Design — Where Is My Dozer?


Check out the following pps file here (keep clicking to view slide show). Thanks Dennis White!

I look forward to seeing this paper when it comes out. I myself had an ESP experience when I was 13 years old. I've never had anything like it since. feebish
Unfortunately, it looks like it is the Science Daily reporter referencing Haeckel, not the authors of the paper. feebish
Congratulations to Dr Gonzalez. I say this though no one will see it, as I seem to have been placed in moderation for some reason. My last six or so comments have either not appeared at all (why?) or appeared in a five year old thread (really odd!) feebish
Mr Torley reads Jerry Coyne so we don't have to. Interesting that Dr Coyne, too, is against these speech codes. I looked up the university I attended and see that they have a "red light" rating. feebish

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