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Medical scientists take near death experiences more seriously now and here’s why


From an account of a discussion between Robert J. Marks and Walter Bradley:

Today, we know much more about what happens to people when they die—and what we are learning does not support materialism:

In a nutshell, today NDEs are seen as real, however one wants to account for them. For example, even “arch-skeptic” Susan Blackmore has disparaged “the false and unhelpful black and white comparison between NDEs as “true, wonderful, spiritual etc. etc.” [versus] NDEs as “JUST a hallucination of no importance.” The truth, it seems to me, is that NDEs can be wonderful, life-changing experiences that shed light on the human condition and on questions of life and death.” (The Atlantic, 2015). Similarly, Michael Shermer, who believes that the experiences are mere hallucinations of a dying brain, said in a 2018 book that “A scientific understanding of NDEs… is not meant to take away from the power of the experience as seemingly real, as emotionally salient, or as transforming and life-changing.”

Similarities of experience and significant changes in outlook do not establish the cause of near-death experiences. But, whereas at one time many discussions focused on efforts to explain NDEs away, today they turn on how and why they happen.

Why medical scientists take near-death experiences seriously now” at Mind Matters News

Note: An earlier podcast with Walter Bradley addressed mind vs. matter generally: Your body is a piano your mind plays—well or badly: The piano expresses the pianist’s thoughts, not its own. Dr. Bradley also spoke about how near-death experiences are creating a challenge for skeptics of the reality of the mind.

See also: Why some scientists believe the universe is conscious. It is a position into which they are more or less forced.

It beats me why the name of Michael Shermer keeps coming up. I personally don’t give two bits for his so-called skepticism. There is nothing original in what he says and much that is trite. He doesn’t believe in God because God didn’t save his fiancée. Belfast

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