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Human evolution? Some Silicon Valley greats hope to merge with machines

Rethinking Consciousness: A Scientific Theory of Subjective Experience by [Graziano, Michael S A]

Some of us might help raise money for the purpose, hoping some of them will just disappear at that point onto Planet Ferrous, to construct a cyborg civilization—or whatever turns their cranks. But seriously, what then?

Neuroscientists Michael Graziano explains,

… “At the simplest level, mind uploading would preserve people in an indefinite afterlife. Families could have Christmas dinner with sim Grandma joining in on video conference, the tablet screen propped up at the end of the table – presuming she has time for her bio family any more, given the rich possibilities in the simulated playground. It’s this kind of idealised afterlife that people have in mind, when they think about the benefits of mind uploading. It’s a human-made heaven. – Michael Graziano, “What Happens If Your Mind Lives for Ever on the Internet?” at the Guardian”

He argues that most peopled in high-tech environments live in a virtual world already so it would make little difference whether those we interact with in our human-made heaven are living persons or the sims of deceased ones.

In his envisioned world, individuality is no longer a term that has any meaning.

Transhumanism: is it a dangerous idea?” at Mind Matters News

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Is Ray Kurzweil’s Singularity now nearer—or impossible? In response to Kurzweil’s talk at the COSM Technology Summit, panelists noted that AI achievements are revolutionary in size but limited by their nature in scope

Tech pioneer Ray Kurzweil: We will merge with computers by 2045 For computers, “Even the very best human is just another notch to pass,” he told the COSM Technology Summit

What if technology caused some people to live forever? What would it mean for them and for the rest of us? The authors also warn, “We can be pretty certain, for instance, that rejuvenation would widen the gap between the rich and poor, and would eventually force us to make decisive calls about resource use, whether to limit the rate of growth of the population, and so forth.”


But could techno-immortality ever be the real thing? Oxford mathematician John Lennox looks at Ray Kurzweil’s techno-immortality from a Christian perspective

What gets me is the arrogance and presumptuousness of the transhumanists in simply assuming that mind (in other words, consciousness) is physical, the workings of billions of neurons and synapses in the brain. This despite the well-known failure of neuroscience to understand even the beginnings of consciousness in physical terms, primarily due to the well-known Hard Problem defined by Chalmers (thoughts, experiences, sensations and subjectivity are very fundamentally not material things). Not even to mention the large body of empirical evidence from parapsychology and other paranormal research. Areas include veridical NDEs, reincarnation memories and mediumistic communications. The transhumanists have a dream that is so attractive to them it induces them to completely ignore reality. doubter

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