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Menuge and Nelson at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

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Menuge Nelson Milwaukee

Yes, tonight. April 1, 7:00 PM, the Wisconsin Room (second level, #E245) of the Student Union at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. My speaking partner will be Professor Angus Menuge, a philosopher of science who will be debating P.Z. Myers in a few weeks.

I wonder too, and could even get a little happy if the MP3s were available :-) CN
I wonder if Myers has any clue what he's gotten himself into. Based on what I've seen of their respective writings, Menuge is way out of Myers' league intellectually. It should be very entertaining for everyone on this side of the debate ;-) crandaddy
Cheers Russ. Do you guys in the USA not have recording equipment :-) CN
Hey, I'm in the same country, but it would have been pretty tricky to make it there with only 5 hours, 18 minutes' notice in a country that's over 2500 miles wide. However, if you had been able to make it here, I would surely have put you up at my house. It's only 650 miles from the event. ;) russ
So...............where are the MP3s? Most of us cannot make the talk -- wrong country eh :-) CN

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