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Michael Behe on the SciPhi Show

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The Sci Phi Show interview with Michael Behe is now available! Check it out!

Here is the link Michael Behe on Sci Phi Show.

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2 Replies to “Michael Behe on the SciPhi Show

  1. 1
    Sladjo says:


    “Humans will grow to an average of 6ft 6in, live to the age of 120 and all have brown skin by the year 3,000, an evolutionary expert suggested yesterday.”

    I believe “natural selection” will have an easy job eliminating from the environment this kind of “evolutionary experts”… 🙂

    on-topic: file downloaded, thank you scordova!

  2. 2
    Mats says:

    ohh the evolutionary expert sugested?!! I think people are getting a bit tired of evolutionary sugestions.

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