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New book: “Complete Idiot’s Guide to Intelligent Design”

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December 5, Penguin is coming out with The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Intelligent Design .Author Christopher Carlisle is the Episcopal Chaplain at the University of Massachusetts and W. Thomas Jr.l, is a freelance writer.

Intelligent Design is one of the hottest issues facing parents and educators to day, but it can be hard to separate the facts from the heated rhetoric. This expert and objective guide gets to the bottom of the questions: What is Intelligent Design? Should it replace or complement traditional science? What’s all the fuss about?
• Explains the terms, the controversy, and the involvement of the American courts
• Indispensable guide for concerned educators and parents
• Written by an expert in the field

I wonder which of the two is the expert in the field. The chaplain, I guess. I really hope this doesn’t turn out to be the usual snore about how “properly understood” there is no conflict between “faith” (properly understood) and “science” (properly understood). There is still a tiny market for “proper” understanding. I am getting the galleys at some point and will get back on this. I would really be happy to be wrong because trees should not die for that. See the think quote below.

Denise, they didn't say what field... Joseph
I hope you're wrong too, but I suspect that you're right on target. W. Thomas Smith has written a few books, two his own and three collaborations (the 'Complete Idiot' genre), while Chris Carlisle has no other books listed. Looks like an overdue 'cashing in on the controversy' exploit. I'm not surprised at its appearance, and I'll admit that I've been watching for it to appear (or 'ID for Dummies'). Having now searched, I see where 'The Complete Guide to Evolution' by Leslie Alan Horviz has been around since around since late 2001, and has been criticized by reviewers for some technical errors. We can likely expect the same from this entry. On a positive note, however. At least the title is fitting, since we now know that there are a plethora of 'idiots' out there that still require elucidation. But will this book factually provide it? Doubtful. leebowman

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