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Mike Behe looks at the actual gears in bugs


In relation to claims about Darwinian natural selection just happening to find that solution:

“Gears…in a bug? I thought humans invented gears,” says the always charming Lehigh University biochemist. Indeed, the planthopper bug has gears in its legs that permit it to jump what in human terms would be like vaulting the length of two football fields at one go. Evolutionary theory asks you to believe such a thing arose through chance mutations sifted by purposeless natural selection. Episode 3 of Secrets of the Cell, “The Power of Evolution,” invites us to wonder if Darwinian thinking has underestimated the “mechanical marvels” in the design of insects, so wonderfully “precise and purposeful,” to which “nothing we humans have ever built even comes close.” To look at such things and not say “Yeah, that was intelligently designed” requires a supreme effort to deflect our own intelligent intuition. That’s not true just of planthoppers but of bees, fleas, flies, butterflies, spiders, cockroaches — insects and other livings, of all species.

David Klinghoffer, “In Episode 3 of Secrets of the Cell, Michael Behe Tests “The Power of Evolution”” at Evolution News and Science Today:
Pater K:
If it’s such a marvelous design, why does only one type of planthopper have it?
Because it was such a marvelous design only one type of planthopper could have it. Variety is key. ET
If it's such a marvelous design, why does only one type of planthopper have it? Pater Kimbridge
Martin_r, You raised a valid point in your comment. However, biologists are not crazy. They just don't have the background that you have in mechanical engineering to appreciate the requirements for such gears. Biologists are not trained in math logic or information theory either. Their background is just enough to understand reductionist views of biological systems. Note that Systems Biology is taught mainly by Physics PhD. pw
"The First Mechanical Gear in a Living Creature" https://www.popularmechanics.com/science/animals/a9449/the-first-gear-discovered-in-nature-15916433/ i came across that article like 3 years ago (actually, the article is even older, from 2013) Mechanical gear - THE ICON of mechanical engineering. Now, some biologists - natural science graduates - come along, and claiming, that mechanical gear can arise by blind unguided process, no knowledge is needed, no math is needed, NO ENGINEER IS NEEDED.... So lets close technical universities, and open more biology classes and lets send all mechanical engineers there... I was wondering, are these people (biologists) insane? Do they have any idea what they are talking about when speaking about mechanical gear ? DO BIOLOGISTS BELIEVE IN MIRACLES ????? Go and ask some engineer, and he will explain to you, that advanced math and knowledge is needed to design WORKING mechanical gear. These biologists - natural science graduates - should see a doctor... It is unbelievable that this craziness is happening in 21st century.... i am a mechanical engineer from Europe, i was wondering how many engineers even know, that there is a bug with mechanical gear on its legs... martin_r

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