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Misshelver gets a job at Barnes & Noble


Darwin's Doubt Readers may remember Misshelver and her new man, who take it upon themselves to move design-related science books to the “religion” section, inconveniencing staff and customers alike.

Well. At Barnes and Noble, where misshelving Steve Meyer’s Darwin’s Doubt is corporate policy (amid a continuing financial slump), a friend write to complain,

I was at a Barnes & Noble in my neighborhood today and noticed that they are still shelving Meyer’s book in the Christian section of the store.

It wouldn’t be so bad except when we consider all the ideological rubbish that inhabits the science section, turning it into some kind of naturalist fantasyland. Have a look at today’s Top 10 in evolution.

At this point, when we are learning so much about how evolution really works, it strikes me that many of these books would probably be better done as half hour TV talk segs. Easier and cheaper too, and appealing to much the same audience maybe.

I asked the friend, jot down the titles of any books in the science section offered at Barnes & Noble that sound like they belong is the “sciencey” section instead, and maybe readers can help in the combox too.

Just for fun, of course. B&N can shelve as it pleases, until it too is, perhaps shortly, shelved.

Re Meyer’s book, it is still # 6 in paleontology at Amazon (8:00 pm EST) after about two years on the market, and lots and lots of water under the bridge.

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