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Does the decline of US power mean more nations are dumping Darwin?


Just wondering. A couple days ago, we were hearing about South Koreans wanting to get basically wrong Darwin trivia out of textbooks. Now, we hear that in Turkey,

Scholars who espouse creationist ideas are becoming more assertive in challenging Darwinism.

The recent push by those who see a divine role in human evolution has alarmed Darwin’s adherents. In May, hundreds of academics and students angrily protested against what was billed as Turkey’s first academic conference on creationist ideas, held at Istanbul’s Marmara University.

– Dorian Jones, “Turkey: Creationists Want to Airbrush Darwin Out of Evolutionary Picture”, June 7, 2012, EurasiaNet

Some of this stuff is hard to call.

But clearly, none of these people seem especially worried about a US-backed international Darwin lobby stomping them down, and who knows where that will lead.

"Darwinism is a cultural idea" - News In "The Design Revolution" (2004) - Inter-Varsity Press, Foreword by Charles W. Colson - founder of this blog William Dembski claims repeatedly that 'Darwinism' is a 'scientific theory.' Is News suggesting that 'Darwinism' is either 1) Only a 'cultural idea' and *not* a 'scientific theory' or 2) That it is *both* a 'scientific theory' and a 'cultural idea' (i.e. that all scientific theories are 'cultural ideas'), or 3) that 'Darwinism' is an *ideology*, in addition to or exclusive or being either a 'scientific theory' or a 'cultural idea'? It would be helpful to have some clarity on this since much confusion remains among the general population given the various definitions of 'Darwinism' by supposed 'experts' or 'people who know.' How does UD's News define 'Darwinism'? Likewise, does anyone know if Dembski has kept or changed his approach to 'Darwinism' in the past 8 years; does he still refer to 'Darwinism' as a 'scientific theory'? Gregory
Oh well, apparently evolution is biting the dust this year anyway: http://www.wnd.com/2012/06/evolution-to-fall-in-2012/?cat_orig=education Jerad
- Dorian Jones, “Turkey: Creationists Want to Airbrush Darwin Out of Evolutionary Picture”, June 7, 2012, EurasiaNet "Airbrush"? I think the term the author wants is, "expunge" - with very belated apologies. Axel
JoeCoder, Indeed. Some of us think that the big problem is that evolution isn't taught; Darwinism is. And Darwinism is a cultural idea that explains everything and its opposite. News
As usual, the best arguments for universal common descent are how loudly people proclaim it must be true. > "My students did not learn evolution in high schools, so, therefore, in my university 90 out of 100 [students] don’t believe or don’t know evolution" Then for goodness sakes, teach them evolution! Nobody is denying that mutation+natural selection are happening, and this caricature is getting old. But stop using it as a biological theory-of-everything to explain things it can't. JoeCoder

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