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More secular apocalypses… six cosmic catastrophes for Earth

File:Red Giant Earth.jpg
Earth scorched by sun, as future red giant/fsgregs

As science culture tries to remake itself a the religion of naturalism, we can expect much more of this stuff. From Daniel Brown at LiveScience:

6. Moving stars

Meanwhile, a wandering star on its path through the Milky Way might come so close to our sun that it would interact with the rocky “Oort cloud” at the edge of the solar system, which is the source of our comets. This might lead to an increased chance of a huge comet hurtling to Earth. Another roll of the dice.

The sun itself follows a path through the Milky Way that takes us through more or less dense patches of interstellar gas. Currently we are within a less dense bubble created by a supernova. The sun’s wind and solar magnetic field help create a bubble-like region surrounding our solar system – the heliosphere – which shields us from interacting with the interstellar medium. When we leave this region in 20,000 to 50,000 years (depending on current observations and models), our heliosphere could be less effective, exposing Earth. We would possibly encounter increased climate change making life more challenging for humanity – if not impossible. More.

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A third secular Scripture sayeth:


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